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welcome to my website. It tells about history and origin of the Davidson and Ziegler families. It also tells some of my experience gained in many years with the chemical industry, stories and experience that might be of interest for the next generation. We have three boys and one girl aged 9, 11, 14 and 17. We live in the countryside in the heart of Germany, not far from Göttingen, surrounded by an old and rather wild garden, friendly neighbors and a beautiful landscape.

Tilman Ziegler
I would also like to portray the life of my parents and grandparents who experienced and survived the European tragedy in the first half of the twentieth century. Unlike TV or novels, family history is firsthand information passed on from generation to generation. This might be of interest and concern to more people than just our children and family, so why not put it onto this website?

Agriculture and farming have always captured my imagination.

Farming is undoubtedly one of the necessary, reasonable and peaceful activities mankind should be focused on. Like all other businesses and arts, it doesn´t work without property, freedom and independence. And it requires timeless values like commitment, care and responsibility. Landowners knew about sustainability and practised it long before the word was picked up by the mainstream and long before politicians could convert it into just another excuse for interventionism. I started working with the agrochemical industry when I was nineteen. For many years I made my living by protecting sugar beets and cotton from weeds and worms, livestock and foodstuffs against locusts, ticks and cockroaches or citrus plantations from white flies. I learned about special fertilizers for vegetables and about the seed potato business. All this has provided special views of people, companies and countries.  I shall report some of these views on this blog. However, for the last 25 years dairy cows have been at the center of my attention.

On this website, most of the content will be written in German, as English is not my native language. In order to make it as bilingual and interesting as possible, your help and support with content, translations or corrections is very much appreciated. For more details about my current activities or just for exchange of views, please feel free to call or email me. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully Tilman Ziegler +49 (0) 160 90 10 78 14, email: tilman-ziegler@t-online.de


„Unterwegs“ (= on my way) is a blog written in German language, although it is dedicated to all Williams and other friends who set examples to me for their independent view of the world, as there are Wilhelm Busch, Wilhelm Neuhaus, Bill Buckler in Australia, captain of The Privateer for many years and – last but not least – granny Maud née Williams in consideration of her famous sense of humor.

Family News

In loving memory of my mother Gisela Ziegler née v. Davidson. She enjoyed gardening and country life so much and was so proud of her twelve grandchildren.

The Davidsons

The Davidsons
My grandmother Maud Lee Williams was born in Birkenhead, UK, in 1885. She wanted to learn German and French, because she loved music and arts and in particular admired Beethoven and Bach. She came to Darmstadt, Germany, in 1903. Some years later, she married Eduard von Davidson, a young officer in the German Navy at that time, whose Scottish ancestors had emigrated to Western Prussia in the early 17th century. Her husband – my grandfather – served as Lieutenant Commander in the German Navy during World War I. Their eldest son Detlev – my uncle – died in command of a JU 88 Bomber over the Bristol Channel in an operation against his mothers homeland in August 1940. Our family history illustrates the tragic absurdity of the fratricidal European wars in the 20th century. This family report is dedicated to my uncle Detlev von Davidson. The connection between the Zieglers and the Davidsons could never have occured if Detlev hadn´t been. His sister Gisela and his friend Jürgen Ziegler married in 1942. Thank you, Detlev, for bringing my parents together!
The Davidsons

Die Zieglers

In loving memory of my father Jürgen Ziegler who in early years began to work on the family history. Many documents were lost together with his parents home and most of the family belongings in several bomb attacks that completely destroyed the city of Wesel in February 1945. The text of one family chronicle was saved only because my father had copied it by hand when he was sixteen years old.

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